• Calgary Rehearsal Pianist

  • Egor is also available as a rehearsal pianist for jazz and pop vocalists who are trying to build their repertoire. 

    As a vocalist who's aiming to become a gigging artist you will also learn:

    • how to chose a proper key for your songs
    • how to make sure your band charts easily readable by your backing band 
    • how to work with the band while you're singing to make sure your band follows you the way you want 
    • all about intros, endings, and a form
    • how to properly end songs and make sure your band understands what you're trying to do

    and much more about being a professional singer who bands and musicians will love to work with!

  • Lesson DurationPrice
    45 minutes$60
    60 minutes$75
    90 minutes $110
    2 hrs $140
  • Contact Egor today or call 409-619-3004 with any questions you may have or to book your rehearsals or lessons.
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