• Jazz Piano Lessons

  • Learn Theory, Improvising, Reharm

  • Would you like to improve your jazz piano skills? Do you like to learn jazz piano or become a better keyboard player? Looking to learn jazz theory or jazz soloing? 

    Now you can take private one on one jazz piano lessons and the jazz theory lessons for adults from Egor.
    Lessons take place at Egor's basement studio in Calgary. The studio has an acoustic piano, keyboards, and a Hammond organ. For vocalists, there is a PA and microphones available 

    Lessons are available from the age of 16 and up. An exception will be given to younger than 16 years old students who show advance knowledge of piano and jazz music.

    You must know how to play your instrument and be able to read music.
    Potential students must have basic knowledge of jazz music in general if they intend to take jazz piano lessons. Or, you need to have a basic knowledge of other music styles if you intend to take other piano styles lessons. 

    If needed your technical piano skills will be addressed. 

    Available to you:

    • jazz piano lessons
    • blues & pop piano lessons
    • jazz theory lessons for all instruments.
    • jazz improvisation for all instruments
    • learning songs for your own enjoyment and non-professional performance.

    During your lessons you will learn:

    • jazz scales and jazz voicing
    • improvisation basics
    • left-hand bass line skills
    • comping to vocalists. 

    You will also learn pop and rock piano/keyboard voicing if that's what you're after. 

    You will receive an ear training and most importantly Egor will also teach you how to swing! Yes, it is possible to teach how to swing!

  • Lesson DurationPrice
    45 minutes$60
    60 minutes$75
    90 minutes $110
    2 hrs $140
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    Contact Egor today or call 409-619-3004 if you require an additional information or to book your lessons.
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