• Wedding Ceremony Music and and How to Hire a Wedding Band

  • A wedding ceremony music is an important part of your marital event and would be remembered by everyone as much as your vows. The music and musicians you choose would depend on the venue you are having your wedding ceremony at.

    If your wedding ceremony is in a church you will most likely use a pianist or an organist and sometimes some vocals. If your ceremony is in a hotel, in a banquet room, in the house or even outdoors you can choose to have a piano player, violin player or a string trio or quartet. By all means you can go up to a chamber orchestra if you can afford it.

    What music combinations are good for a wedding ceremony?

    You can never go wrong with just a piano player. If there is not piano at the venue it is not a problem as most of the wedding and jazz pianists have their own electric piano that they will setup at the venue and it will sound as good as the real piano.

    Depending on your ceremony music choice you may have a piano and violin duo, piano and vocals, acoustic guitar (make sure you wedding guitarist is amplified if it’s outdoors). Many Jewish weddings like to have piano and clarinet or piano and violin.

    If you are unsure of what music you want to have for your ceremony talk to your chosen musicians. They are professionals and do this for living so they will be able to advise you on the music section based on your personal taste and the age group of your guests.
    If you prefer to select the music yourself please consider:

    will your favourite song sound good on just a piano without vocals?
    is there a nice melody to it?
    is it recognizable song for everybody even without the vocals?

    Sometimes a song lyrics may mean a lot to you but if there is no nice melody to it and if it is an unknown song to majority of people or the age group of your guests then the song will loose a lot by just sounding on the piano when pianist is trying to play a complicated (somtimes spoken) melody line based on a lot of lyrics. Most of the modern songs are based on the simple grove with lyrics rather then on a melody and sound really meaningless on piano.
    So good choice would be always Great American Song Book songs from Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett and other great singers like that.
    Other great choices are songs by Steve Wonder, Ray Charles, Elton John, Billy Joel, movie themes, show tunes, Disney. You get the idea right? Think ‘sing along’ songs and it will always work!

    Other choices for the wedding ceremony music could be a popular classics like Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Pachelbel Cannon in D, Ave Maria by Schubert or Bach.

    Please remember if you request any not widely known music for your ceremony or something by an unknown artist your need to provide your musician(s) with a a sheet music. You can either purchase it yourself or ask musicians to buy it for you and then reimburse them.
    Musicians also may change some extra money if the music selection is unknown and technically challenging and needs to be learned and practiced on their instrument.

    If you can not find a sheet music for your music selection you can hire your piano player to "lift" it and learn from the recording (providing it is not a classical piece) and pay him extra for it. If you chosen pianist says he can not lift if from the recording hire a different piano player.

    For your wedding band you may want to ask you wedding ceremony musicians if they can also provide you with the wedding dance band for your celebration. If you deal with a professional musicians they normally are capable to perform anything from the classical or jazz wedding ceremony music to Top Forty, R&B, Swing and Rock-and-Roll music with their wedding music band.

    Make sure to tell your band what age group you will have at you wedding and your own musical preference and musicians will chose the songs accordingly.

    If your budget is not big make sure you don’t go for the big party band who offers to play for little money for you. You may end up having a garage band or a students. If your budget is limited do not shop around based on the money bands agree to play for because you WILL get what you pay for! Instead, talk to your initially chosen musicians about it and they will help you to come up with the best option for you based on your budget.

    When all is booked have fun on your wedding days and TRUST your musicians! They know what they are doing and they WILL make your special event memorable!

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    Hi there, Id like to inquire about your pricing to have you at our wedding (June 2018). Date TBD, based on venue chosen. It will be either in Priddis or in Calgary. My fiancé and I love Jazz, and so naturally having Jazz played at our wedding was a must. We would likely have you play during our ceremony, at cocktail hour, and maybe lightly during dinner. Ceremony will be around 330/4pm, with dinner at 6pm. Could you please provide your packages and pricing? Thanks! Erin Joel


    Hi Erin, I'd be happy to help you out and perform at your wedding. Please contact me at 403-619-3004 and we can talk all the details. Thank you again!! Egor