• When Do The Musicians Take Their Breaks

  • Regardless if it’s a 1 - 2-hour engagement or three or more hours the musicians will take breaks and will not play thru without breaks. This is a standard. Normally it’s 45 min set and a 15-20 min break though at the events like a wedding it’s more flexible and tailored based on how the event runs, For example, there could be some speeches or toasts. Or cake cutting, or bride and groom, parents, etc. first dance with the pre-recorded music. 
    Musicians we book are professionals and they know how to structure their sets and playing and what to play and normally follow the vibe in the room. So, you can relax and enjoy your event and let the pros do their job. You can always communicate with a band or a pianist on the spot and let them know what you want and if you have any requests, or need them to take a quick break for a toast/speech. etc.
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